When living in an apartment that is not too large, every inch will be very meaningful for you. Especially if you live with family or colleagues sharing a room. Space becomes something very rare. The space becomes less and less when you add new furniture.

Summer is near us! Having a cooking and BBQ time with your lovely family and friends will be a nice thing to be scheduled. Maybe outdoor kitchens in summer are a nice thing to have. But think again, do you want to build your own outdoor kitchen or to buy furniture?

Staying in a small apartment is not really bad. You will easily clean your room since it is not wide. You will not spend your whole time cleaning your house. But in having a small apartment, you have to be careful with your stuff.

Let’s face it — we all wish our apartment is a little bit bigger. Just a tiny bit bigger so all the things inside have their own space and not scatter around. Unfortunately, it’s not. But, what if I tell you that your apartment is actually big enough for all your stuff?

After working or having many things outside all day long, all you want is a place to relax. Going home, having a good meal, showering and taking a rest are such good things to do. But, if you live in a studio where your sleeping, eating, and working spaces overlap, your home can feel as crowded as public transit.

These days more and more people are choosing to live in big cities and making small studios and micro apartments in their homes. And in the future, this trend will increase the number of people and will reduce the space that can be occupied so that residences will be smaller.

Have you ever wanted to decorate your apartment but you don’t exactly have the budget for it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With the current situation, being able to remodel your apartment the way you want can be considered a privilege.