When living in an apartment that is not too large, every inch will be very meaningful for you. Especially if you live with family or colleagues sharing a room. Space becomes something very rare. The space becomes less and less when you add new furniture.

Are you out of ideas to design your small cottage house? It can be pretty overwhelming to come up with ideas and designs every time you need to redecorate. Besides, if you’re someone who follows the trend, it’s also pretty tedious to keep up with the fads every time.

Christmas has arrived. Everyone competes to beautify the house with beautiful Christmas decorations so the house feels more cheerful and warmer. This is important because Christmas is the right time to gather and share happiness with your family and friends.

Home landscape is something that needs to be considered when designing a house. Locating buildings, parks outside or inside, in front or behind is also considered well. This is done so that the house has a circulation and a more beautiful view. Natural ornamental elements on the landscape will also provide freshness to the home.