5 Unique Christmas Tree Decoration for Your Inspiration

Inspire yourself with these unique Christmas tree decoration ideas. They are fresh and guaranteed will make everyone love coming to your house!

The symbol of Christmas is no other than a Christmas tree. While it is an essential part of Christmas, you can be as creative as you want with it! There are so many unique Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can find, and we will show you the top 5 that we think is the most unique for your reference.

Christmas Tree for Bookworm

If you are in love with your books, this décor is perfect for you. Simply stack your book collection to form a tree! Then, add some simple Christmas ornaments, and there you have it, a simple yet unique Christmas tree in your living room.

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Stick Some Twigs on The Wall

Limited space in the house is a common problem for all. It means that you might not be able to put any trees at all. If you are having this trouble, you can decorate the walls instead. Grab some twigs and stick it on your wall, then put some mini lamps all over it. Put a basket underneath as a gift station to keep all the presents from everyone.

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Reuse Some Stuff

You can also go with the zero-waste concept for your Christmas tree decoration. Grab some used bottles and create a tree out of them, for example. If you like to have eggs for breakfast, then there must be some egg cartons lying around. Safe them for this Christmas! Colour them green and stack them into a Christmas tree. Add ornaments all over it, and you’re done.

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Ornaments and Strings

Christmas ornaments shouldn’t only be an addition to the Christmas tree. They can be their own Christmas tree as well! Get some strings and hang your ornaments on the ceiling. Adjust the length of the strings until all the ornaments form a triangle design, just like a Christmas tree. They are best on their own, so you don’t even have to add any more details to it.

Tree of Foods

The last decoration idea is completely edible because we are using fruits to create the Christmas tree. If you want your tree to be green, you can arrange some broccoli into a Christmas tree. You can also do colourful colours by using fruits instead. This tree will be sought after by all the guests.

Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the same each year. There are so many possibilities to use other concepts that will awe all the incoming guests. The most fun part is to create them from scratch, and it becomes your own DIY Christmas tree decoration!

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