3 Creative DIY Christmas Craft Ideas Anyone Can Do

Wondering how to dress up your house for Christmas? These 3 creative DIY Christmas craft ideas are simple but so creative that they will stand out in the room!

One of the great ways to welcome Christmas is to make your own crafts. There is nothing more exciting than filling in your house with DIY crafts along the holiday. You can also make others happy with your DIY gifts. Whether you want to make it as a gift or as a bonding activity with the family, here are 3 DIY Christmas craft ideas that are super creative and perfect for the season of jolly!

Citrus Christmas Tree

We all know that a Christmas tree is mandatory. However, there are so many creative ways to make your Christmas tree different from anyone else’s! For example, instead of ordinary Christmas ornaments, you can use dried citrus as an alternative. It is very easy to make but looks gorgeous on your living room. To make the dried citrus, simply sprinkle some sugar on the thinly sliced citrus and bake it in the oven. Don’t forget to rotate it periodically until the citrus slices are dry and ready to be hung on the tree.

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Holiday Card Tree

Don’t know what to do with those holiday cards you keep receiving? Here is how you can save and turn them into a craft! Instead of purchasing a tree, why not make a tree out of those holiday cards? Simply stick those cards on the wall and arrange it as a triangle to resemble a tree. Then, put a cute basket underneath that acts like the wood. Put all your gifts in the basket, and you’ve got yourself a neat place to keep all your presents! This engaging DIY Christmas craft idea is easy, cheap and waste-free!

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Peppermint Wreath

Everyone is competing to be creative with their wreaths, and you should be creative too! This time, you should try having peppermint wreath that looks sweet and adorable. To make this wreath, you only need some woods. Combining the flat ones with balls is perfect for this. Spray them with white paint and make stripes here and there with red paint. After the colour has set, stick them together to form a circle. That’s it! Hang it with a striped red and white ribbon to make it even cuter.

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Those are some easy yet super creative DIY Christmas craft ideas that you can start doing right now! They look enchanting and unique without too much effort being put into it. Your family and guests will love and adore these crafts you have made. The best part is, you can ask the kids in the family to help because of how simple these ideas are! After all, Christmas is all about spending time with the whole family, right?

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