Tips and Ideas to Maximize Your DIY Floating Shelves

Eagerly start building your first DIY floating shelves project for your home decor? You need to consider some important points below to maximize the result.

What comes to your mind when people talk about “DIY floating shelves”? Whatever your thoughts are about, they are undoubtedly the most budget-friendly home décor and extra storage ideas for any blank wall in your house. Want to make one for your house? If you have no clues, you just need to click your notebook. You can have how-to guides of the floating shelves in seconds.

However, before you go further, read these three important things that can help you maximize your DIY floating shelves. The key is all about considering the proper places, colors, and styles.

Where to Fix?

Although floating shelves are for the wall, you can’t place them to any walls you like. To avoid overloaded wall décor, you need to choose a wall that hasn’t got many photos, decorative mirror, and the artwork attached (or possibly the empty one).

Besides, opt for the wall that will make the shelves look outstanding. For example, a place that is not covered when the door left open. Just make sure you place them in the location where all eyes can see the shelves vividly.

So, where to fix the floating shelves best? They will look good at the entryway, bathroom, laundry room, hallway, and over the TV. Placing them in the living room or bedroom corner is also a good idea, too. In the multi-story house, they can even adorn  your stairway.

DIY Floating Shelves in the Living Room
DIY Floating Shelves in the Bathroom
Floating Shelves in the Laundry Room
DIY Floating Shelves in the Bedroom Corner by Shanty 2 Chic

What Color to Choose?

The floating shelves won’t work as stunning décor if you get them wrong color. You need to consider some earth tones to apply, such as white, black, gray, brown, and beige. Those colors will perfectly match to any room wall tones.

However, applying your favorite color is not a bad idea at all. If you have more than one favorite color, you can paint each shelf differently on one wall display. The colorful images will give an attractive effect to the room. 

Home Bunch

How Should It be Shaped?

Floating shelves are usually placed in a one-line shape. However, you can hang them in various shapes and angles. Use your wild imagination to create one. If you need clues, here are some unique examples.

Some shapes you can try are triangle, hexagon, zig-zag, honeycomb, octagon, u-shaped, and round. Decide which one that you think can help you best in decorating the wall. Zig-zag floating shelves, for instance, are good for an empty corner of your room.

Don’t be fixated upon those shape ideas! Keep inventing your authentic shapes. You will be amazed to see how far and creative you are to get new shapes.

DIY Floating shelves Triangle
Hexagonal Shelves
Floating shelves zig-zag source pinterest
“Hexagon Floating Shelves” source Pinterest

Are you ready to start your first DIY project? Check whether or not, you have all the answers to those three things above. If yes, you can start creating your DIY floating shelves.

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