3 Modern Living Room Ideas for Your Fabulous House

Lots of people say that modern design cannot offer warmth and comfort. But you can silence those thoughts after applying one of these modern living room ideas.

Lots of people think that “modern design” is full of gloominess and dull. It is considered to be cold and unwelcoming. But that’s not true. A modern design can be warm and welcoming depending on how you design it.

If you design your room with lots of dark colours and metals, then it will look gloomy. But, if you allow some wood and neutral colours in, your house will be as comfortable as any other environment-inspired house designs. So here we have selections of a modern living room that are elegant and charming.

Creative Combination

Who says that modern design cannot be playful with lots of colours? You can bring some shades of brown in your living room. It can be your chairs and tables, couch, picture frames, and wooden accent wall. To let the modern feel in, add some black colours and give some metal accents.

When finished with furniture, continue by selecting modern accessories. Put some glass vase on the table, an abstract painting, and a unique and modern light fixture. You can even install wooden flooring.

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White and Clean Space

Besides dark, light colour is also a good choice for a modern living room. Many people opt for white to represent cleanness nowadays. You should choose this colour if you want your room to look clean all day. It is also the best colour to be combined with some greens.

When we say white, we mean every furniture and wall. You need white accessories, doors, and windows as well. But, don’t make it look too pale. You can combine it with white glass doors and windows. Put some white or black pots with green plants in it. Add some pillows with varied colours, like orange, peach, and brown. Don’t forget some wall decorations.

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Comfortable and Relaxing

If you plan to redesign the living room in your uphill house, maximising the view is important. Opt for tall and wide glass windows for the living room that face the most beautiful scenery. You can also use a glass sliding door, so there is no blocked view.

For the interior, you can opt for dark or white furniture. Make sure that the colour combination can help you relax and unwind after a long day. When you are happily enjoying the green scenery, why don’t you place some plants in the room? Besides helping you connect with nature, it can enhance the relaxing sensation. And installing a fireplace will not break the calmness.


Modern living room ideas is as sophisticated as other designs. Designing one only needs abilities to combine things and choose the right furniture for the target room.

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