Simple Tips and Trick to Decor Your Garden with Low Maintenance

Gardens require treatment and maintenance, but we can minimize the difficulties of caring for a garden with these tips and tricks

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden in their house, but only a few have the time and expertise to care for the garden. Indeed, everything including the garden requires treatment. However, the difficulties of caring for a garden can be minimized, and we can get the garden with simple and low maintenance withthese tricks.

Reduce or even eliminate grass planting

Caring for grass requires quite a lot of time and energy to fertilize, cut, feed, and even get rid of the pest that might attack. So, reduce or even eliminate grass planting.

Instead of having grass that requires maintenance, take advantage of the round gravel placed under the trees as a pathway while reducing the dirt splattered water when rains. Even without grass, the choice of tropical plants with a variety of green in the pot besides of pebbles and rocks can display a beautiful garden.


Small But Pretty Garden

A good garden is intended to provide freshness and beauty. You don’t need a large garden to realize this concept. Go for a small garden that requires less treatment than a large one. Make a small garden in the size of 2x2m, and plant grass and flowers as desired. It will be more than enough to create a beautiful garden but with low maintenance.

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Selection of the Plants

Plant selection is also important to create a beautiful garden with low maintenance. From so many types of plants, some plants do not require special care.

Choose the type of plant that does not need too much watering, like Adenium obesum. Spruce is also a good choice that does not need to be watered too often and is suitable for tropical climates.

Use colorful shrubs instead of flowers. Flower plants are beautiful, but difficult to maintain as they require frequent watering. But shrubs come in many varieties and colors, making it perfect for an attractive garden.


Tidy Up the Gardening Tools

Looking for a lost shovel is sometimes more annoying than mowing the lawn in the garden. So, keep your gardening equipment in a storage area that is easily accessible. Put all the equipment, from a shovel, rake, broomstick, pot, and seeds in the same location. This arrangement will save time and effort.


Before designing a garden, think about the time you can devote to caring for it. Adjust the area of ​​the garden, type of plant, and the desired concept. Remember that beautiful gardens are fun, and it will be even more fun if the garden is simple and requires low maintenance.

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