20 Easy DIY Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween Decoration

Everyone loves pumpkins and Halloween is one of the biggest celebrations for all Americans, but there are some easy DIY pumpkin ideas for Halloween decoration that are fun to make without spending a lot of money. The pumpkin itself is not expensive to make, but the spooky effects of the decorations will give you a lot of great Halloween decorations.

One of the first things that you will want to do before you start decorating your house with pumpkins is to remove any seeds or other parts from the pumpkins that you have already made. If you are not going to use the seeds for making decorations, you can simply cut the pumpkin open and discard the insides for another use. When you have removed the seeds, take some orange juice and rub it into the pumpkin so that it comes out easily. You can also paint the outside of the pumpkins with orange or yellow, so that they look even more festive. There are many Halloween crafts sites online that offer free designs for making pumpkins for Halloween decorations. All that you need to get started in the Halloween craft industry is an imagination and some good pictures to help you make some awesome pumpkins.

The next step in decorating your home is to make up some masks to use with your pumpkins. You should be able to find plenty of different mask designs and ideas on the Internet, so don’t be afraid to make your own designs or even use ones that are already designed for Halloween. You can also find plenty of Halloween decorations in the store that you can use to make some great pumpkins for Halloween decorations.

“Boo” Pumpkin

You can make a simple white pumpkin design for a small fee. Just find a sticker or lettering patch that suits your style.

Splatter Paint Pumpkins

A simple and fun idea that can make it work with any color palette you want. Gray, black, yellow, red and white colors will look beautiful to add to your Haloween decoration.

Spa Pumpkin

For a creative idea with a pumpkin that resembles a human face, simply put a face mask on the pumpkin and give a cucumber for the eyes. Completed with a decorative shower cap to the “head” of the pumpkin.

Easy Map Tack Pumpkins

A stunning pumpkin design in yellow and red with tacks tacked all over the surface of the pumpkin. This will make for the maximum pumpkin look.

Crayon Drip Pumpkin

The idea of ​​babu with the right crayon drops will make a creepy pumpkin. Placing it on your living room table will make the atmosphere even more lively.

Rickrack Spiderweb

Interesting pumpkin design in yellows, grays and whites
Creepy crawling spiders love to make houses in pumpkins decorated with rickrack web.

Sweater Pumpkin

The creative idea of ​​a long, soft braid will keep your pumpkin warm for a long time. You can serve the table on your living room table.

Trim Decor Pumpkin

A cool pumpkin design for your Halloween. Attach sewing trims to the top and bottom of the pumpkin, leaving it in the natural grooves of the pumpkin, and applying hot glue so it will be neat.

Washi Tape Covered Pumpkins

Simple pumpkin design and very influential, turn plain ole pumpkins into colorful looks like yellows, grays and blues.

Washi Tape Quilt Squares

Modern quilt box ideas made of washi ribbon combine to make an exquisite, colorful pumpkin with white, white and gray pumpkins on the side.

Open Mouth Pumpkin Faces

This ridiculous open mouth pumpkin face design idea is easy to make. A face full of innocence but creepy and eyes full of lies.

Cookie Cutter

Pumpkin ideas with a beautiful star shape and complete with gold paint that will make the pumpkin more interesting. Put it on the living room table to make it look good.


This pumpkin design in the shape of a rooster and chicks is super easy to make. Paint a few details, and get ready to showcase this farm and ranch-inspired masterpiece.

Twisting Vines

Beautiful Halloween pumpkin ideas in red for those of you who love uniqueness. Send your pumpkin the way you want it to represent your little heart.

Roaring Pumpkin Hearth

If you have a fireplace that isn’t working, create a fiery aura with these flame cuttings on your pumpkin. Appropriate pumpkin arrangement and also the right light will add to the beautiful atmosphere.

Spooky Skull

You can try a pumpkin design with a spooky and scary skull shape. A skull with wide eyes and sharp teeth is ready to prey on.


The charming pumpkin idea with a military theme turns it into a rough and tough drill sergeant. Complete with a military helmet that makes it even more sadistic and violent.

Nom, Nom, Nom

An eye-catching pumpkin design that expresses a sad and scared face is placed on a bigger pumpkin mouth. Big pumpkin teeth are ready to eat it. Really really creepy!

Jungle Fever

The creative idea of ​​turning your pumpkin into a scary gorilla with extra large teeth and a smoldering expression will make your Halloween even more exciting.

Pretty, Creepy

Combine luxury and fear with a sparkling pumpkin set. The pretty white pumpkin spider design and the cobweb on the attractive pumpkin give this pumpkin a scary edge.

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