20 Cozy Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Today’s bedroom is often considered an extension of the bedroom, and that’s one reason why bedroom makeovers are so popular. Bold color schemes, beautiful accents, and comfortable furniture set the mood for your new bedroom makeover, making it easy to find just the right color scheme. Bold white walls, plush upholstery, custom trim and moldings create an inviting accent wall with a modern feel. To complete it all off, custom soft and fluffy fabrics, such as plush rugs and soft bedding, make a warm, relaxing room where to dream away.

A great idea for a change from your old bedroom look is a fresh coat of paint. If you haven’t had any luck with the painting before, it might be best to hire a professional. Your home improvement store probably sells paint that is specially formulated for use on wood, but you can also purchase paint that is specifically formulated for walls. A well-done painted wall can make your room look bigger and add some needed extra room to your bedroom. Make sure to leave plenty of room in the middle of your room, as a well-constructed bed will take up quite a bit of room. With a painted wall, it’ll be easier to fit furniture in there without taking up too much room.

If you’d like to make your room look smaller, consider changing the wallpaper on the walls. You can buy small wallpapers that will add a touch of whimsy or use larger pictures on a small sheet to cover a few walls. You could also use a poster that has the same design or pattern as the wallpaper to help fill the wall. A very simple solution, but a fun option. Don’t hesitate to think outside of the box!

1. Adjust the Lighting

The one aspect that really enhances the space is the soft lighting choices. If overhead lighting is a must, a chandelier with a dimmer is a great way to go.

2. Add Ceiling Beams

Wooden accents add warmth to a space, and wooden ceiling beams are a smart architectural way to add the look without taking up space.

3. Create A White Canopy

A no-fail way to add an extra comfort factor to your bed is to drape it in ethereal textiles. Here, a solid white canopy creates a cozy cocoon for lazy Sunday mornings.

4. Incorporate Vintage Finds

This weathered Craftsman-style rocker brings a nostalgic look to the coastal bedroom. A vintage style finds will give your bedroom a lived-in look like a favorite piece from an antique shop.

5. Display Your Books Backgrounds

Bring a cozy library feel to your bedroom by replacing a traditional headboard with a bookshelf. Color coordinate your books for a clean look.

6. Try Dark Hues

A darker hue envelops the bedroom, creating the perfect space to relax and slumber. By adding a plush bed linens in this ultra-moody space will give a nice contrast and look like the ideal spot to cuddle up.

7. Pretty In Pastels

Soft blues and pinks add dimension without overpowering this room. Sheer panels and a wrought-iron bed up the cottage vibes.

8. Dream’s Boho Style

This two-level bedroom is a boho dreams come true. A bright colors that contrast with the light up make it look charming.

9. Cozy Swing Accent

Turn that awkward corner into your favorite spot in your house with a hanging chair. It’s the ultimate place to read or take a nap.

10. Woodsy

This master bedroom is entirely wood-paneled. It feels almost like the inside of a tree-house.

11. Pattern Play

It feels cozy to do pattern on pattern and texture on texture. This bedroom proves how to do it without creating total chaos in your room.

12. Position Your Bed Close To A Window

By positioning this guest room bed close to a small window so managed to keep things feeling cozy and not claustrophobic.

13. Try a Textured Throw

Use soft colors and cozy textures, such as a cable-knit throw, for a old-world, romantic bedroom, like in this San Francisco home.

14. Decorate With Antiques

A shiplaps walls, antique blankets, and an old leather chair from Craigslist help make this antique dealer’s bedroom a restful and calm respite.

15. Try a Tufted Headboard

Use a tufted headboard and soft lilacs and grays to create a calming space.

16. Use Calming Colors

If you want to present a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your master bedroom. Calm color choices make your sleep and weekend feel more relaxed.

17. Add Some Color With Floral

Flowers are the perfect way to breathe some life into a neutral space and add a touch of color that is anything but overpowering.

18. Remember That Minimal Doesn’t Mean Boring

Fill the space with a few coveted pieces that speak for themselves like an interesting nightstand or a not-so-typical light fixture, you can bring in personality and charm without steering away from an understated vibe.

19. Shut Out Tech

Try to make your bedroom a low- or no-tech zone, adding books and natural elements such as fresh flowers or plants instead of a television or a phone dock. You can’t truly unplug if you’re attached to your phone or iPad.

20. Add Area Rugs

A plush area rug gives practical warmth while adding an extra oomph of texture. Try small sheepskin or shag rugs on the sides of the bed or layer multiple floor coverings to add softness.

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