20 Best Herb Garden Ideas That Are So Creative

When it comes to designing your herb garden, it is always important to consider the needs of the plants as well as their location. If you are a gardener that loves to grow things outdoors, then this is one of the easiest ways to add variety to your garden. You can purchase seeds and other herbs to make the process easier to start with. If you do not have the space to grow them, then you can simply buy them at the store and plant them in the ground.

When it comes to herb garden ideas, you will want to keep in mind that it is important to pick a place that will get full use of the herbs. You will also want to consider the type of soil that you have to get the best results. If you have a clay or sandy soil, then you might consider planting herbs that have little, if any, root. If you have sandy soil, then you will want to use some sort of fertilizer. You can use the same type of fertilizer for your herbs that you use for your vegetables. Some of the best herb garden ideas come from people who grow herbs in pots. They have the most fun, and it is a great way to enjoy your herbs while keeping the garden in good shape.

1. China Tea Cup Mini Herb Garden

Beautiful and simple herb garden in China tea cup mini makes it easy for you to pick up directly.

2. Kitchen Shelf Herb Garden

Make it amazing gardening herb in self kitchen hanging on rack idea. Source

3. Curtain Rod Hanging Herb Garden

If you have a window with bright light in your kitchen, this herb garden is perfect to this. With a few rods, hooks, pots, rope and plants you won’t believe what you can create in a snap.

4. Wall Hanging Potted Herb Garden

If you have a herb garden on the wall of a hanging pot, it will make it easier for you to prepare herbal plant ingredients as well as to beautify your favorite kitchen.

5. Nature-Inspired Driftwood and Tin Hanging Herb Garden

Fresh and nature herb garden from driftwood and tin hanging potted for inspiring kitchen plants garden idea.

6. Hanging Jar Herb Garden ‘With a Twist!’

Reclaimed wood makes the perfect backdrop for small potted herbs. Just attach mason jar to the wood and plant your favorite herbs inside.

7. Wine Bottle Holder Herb Garden

Creative DIY herb garden by IKEA from wine bottle holder, turn it into a stunningly modern indoor herb garden design.

8. Center Of Countertop Kitchen Herb Garden

Modern and stylish herb garden in the center of countertop your kitchen island. Source

9. Hanging Space Kitchen Herb Garden

Take advantage of the unused space at the end of your kitchen cabinets, by hanging a rail with potted herbs.

10. Plain Old Tin Cans Pots Herb Garden

Don’t throw away your used can, plain old tin cans be painted and turned into fun windowsill planters.

11. A Window Box Herb Garden

A window box is another great herb garden idea. It adds greenery to the outside of your house, and you can also easily access it from inside.

12. Beautiful Hanging Herb Garden

The beautiful hanging herb garden out of a basket, and create your favorite herb in. Source

13. Sunken Kitchen Countertop

Sink an aluminum tray into your countertop or table and use it for whatever you wish, including herbs or as a wine holder!

14. Recycle A Baking Tin Pots Herb Garden

Best herb garden pots from recycle a baking tin. This will be a simple but unique and aesthetic work for the look of your small kitchen.

15. Easy DIY Kitchen Herb Garden

Easy and Simple made herb garden pots when you have the pots ready to go. Let’s to try!

16. Make a Colorful Indoor Herb Garden

Don’t you interested in the bright colors of the herbs potted shown here?. In just about no time you have a custom looking modern & fun herb garden that would make any Kitchen or patio smile!

17. Windowsill Wonder Herb Garden

If you enjoy using s variety of herbs in your cooking, then you could turn a whole windowsill into an herb garden, potting up a row of herb plants.

18. Fenced Potted Herb Garden

This quirky herb garden has taken the idea quite literally, by putting a miniature picket fence around the potted herbs. This is a good example to show how creative and inventive you can get with your herb garden, using it as a way to express yourself and an extension of your identity.

19. Herb Garden Warming

Herb plants can be amazing gifts, especially for housewarming occasions, which are a slight change from the usual gift of flowers or house plants.

20. Stand Out Color Pot Herb Garden

Mismatched pots housing different herb plants can give a vibrant and colorful look in your kitchen, or outside in your backyard.

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