21 Stunning DIY Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Some parts of the world celebrate Halloween quite lively. From using costumes, preparing sweets to decorating the house was done without half-hearted. The key to Halloween decorations is to make things look more alive with spooky characters. The more frightening costumes and decorations will certainly attract the attention and surprise of others. One of the most important things to attract attention is to decorate the outside of the house. The idea can we start from our home page, we can make an ornamental grave. Tombstones can use a solid cardboard box, we write RIP on it. Place it lined up on the lawn towards the veranda of our home, garnished with dried grass, straw or other suitable material. To add to the creepy impression, let’s hang bats from paper on our yard tree. This black, flying mammal is indeed identical to a mysterious figure. These animals will only roam at night and like to depend when sleeping.

The veranda leading to your house is the next place to decorate. Designing this section with a variety of pumpkin, straw and spider web decorations gives the impression of a home that has long been abandoned. Not only that, spreading dried leaves on the veranda adds a frightening effect because when stepped on it will emit a sound that makes goosebumps. Placing candles that are decorated with spooky eyes and mouths, or putting a jar that has been decorated with spooky characters as a lantern can be an alternative. Of course the next step is to decorate the front door. Able to give sticks – pieces of wood on the door of the house further adds to the mysterious impression of the house. Witch’s broom can also be placed in the corner of the veranda. To add a spooky atmosphere, try to put ghostly shadows on the windows of the house as if you were peeking at the arrival of guests outside. Would really add up to the horror factor!

Creepy face idea from a pumpkin with light inside source
Unique metal cage design for storing human and animal skeletons source
The unique balloon idea in magic turned into a scary Halloween face source
Simple halloween ideas from used cans and paper source
Black monster design that drowned in the face of a pumpkin source
A human skeleton idea that supports the table for your Halloween day source
Cool DIY halloween decoration ideas for limited budget source
Design a nice door to the house with twigs and branches source
A simple fireplace design with a human skeleton playing music source
Amazing black pumpkin idea with lights inside source
Design a creative human skeleton playing a drum source
Beautiful outdoor fireplace room ideas with halloween ornaments source
Creepy little white dolls on the steps of your front yard source
Beautiful flower ideas and halloween trinkets in the backyard living room source
Interesting black bird ideas perch on tree branches source
Creepy black human design in a yellow pumpkin source
Amazing ornamental ideas at the front door of your home source
Attractive human skeletons are rising above your house source
A good human skeleton idea is carrying people who are dead source
A beautiful flower idea with a red face beside it source
The idea of ​​an extraordinary black man by lifting a human skull source

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