24 Modern Living Room Design with Dark Paint Colors

Are you looking for ideas for your living room decorations? If you are, then you’ve stumbled upon a gem of an article. In this article, we’re going to talk about all the living room designs for your house. Today, we’re focusing on modern designs with dark paint colors. You must be wondering, why that specifically? Well, it’s simply because we don’t see a lot of those designs to begin with. When we’re talking about modern living room ideas, most of the things you’d see are in white or bright colored wall paint. However, dark paint colors are very common nowadays. In this article, we’re going to show you why and what you can with the matter in hand. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

When we’re talking about modern living room designs, the first thing you want to make to have is definitely the appropriate furniture. There’s nothing worse than a furniture that’s so out of place it almost looks like you just threw whatever available into the mix. If we’re talking about modern designs, then avoid rustic and classic furniture. Instead, opt for something more modern  like a glass door or a glass coffee table with black panel. Remember also that we’re discussing about a room that’s going to be painted with dark paint later on. That being said, definitely go for something that’s light in colors and won’t interfere with the dark walls when they’re up. Browse through our collections and see for yourself. Have fun!

Amazing living room design with a unique table
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Special blue living room design
A nice purple sofa in your living room
An attractive white sofa equipped with a unique wooden floor
A large, beautiful mirror with a bookcase beside it
Interesting flower pots in your living room
Guest decoration with dark colors with unique chandeliers


Amazing brown wooden table ideas in the living room
A nice wooden table idea with a white sofa
Design a dark blue living room with attractive paintings
Luxurious glass table with nice blue chairs
An amazing chandelier idea with a blue living room
Blue living room ideas with classy tables
Modern living room design with dark colors


A cool blue sofa with siatasnya paintings
Beautiful little pots with nice sofas
Unique wooden chairs in the living room of your house


An attractive sofa with yellow and blue pillows source
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Cool abstract paintings with beautiful flower pots source
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Small black table with attractive round mirror source

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