24 Modern Living Room Makeover Ideas – Before And After

 The living room is usually intended to entertain guests and a place to gather, but not a few who make it as a family room and TV room. So, it is very important to arrange the living room so that it feels more spacious and comfortable to make family members more comfortable. The following touches of modern style can be an inspiration to make changes in our living room. First, by paying attention to the path to the living room, make sure there isn’t a lot of furniture blocking our steps to the couch, this has made an impression of spaciousness even though the land we have is narrow. For walls, white or beige can be an option. Instead give a dominant wall decoration with striking colors that match in one place. With a minimalist impression but still modern, sweep the eye first.

Furthermore, the selection of furniture also influences, starting from the design that is adjusted to the concept of the room, to its measurements. Large sofas often only fill the space and make the room look serious. For those who already have a large modern sofa can be tricked by adding pillows of various sizes with motifs and colors that contrast with the color of the sofa. For those who don’t have a sofa, you can embed a rug with natural colors plus a small table and bean bag for a modern touch. But don’t try to line the entire living room with carpet, ok? Because excessive installation can reduce the aesthetics of the interior space. The final touch is placing indoor plants that increasingly make the room look classy and modern, becoming cooler and more comfortable!!

Modern living room design with an attractive TV source
A neat living room design idea after undergoing repairs source
Attractive living room with nice paint and curtains source
Superb living room design with attractive glass tables source
Large mirror on the wall of your modern living room source
A white sofa with a cupboard shelf under your TV source
A nice combination of white blue carpet with a unique table source
Amazing living room design after being painted white source
Attractive living room design with a simple wooden roof source
The idea of ​​a shelf cabinet in the corner of a wall with a unique hanging pot source
Modern living room design with exceptional white color and sofa source
Nice abstract painting with a blue sofa source
Amazing living room with clean and shiny hardwood floors source
The idea of ​​a bright and beautiful living room after repairs source
Unique round table with a small pot on top source
An attractive round mirror above the fireplace of your living room source
A nice white blanket on your living room sofa source
Design a living room with a unique chandelier and red carpet source
Amazing white curtains on your living room window source
A unique chair in your living room with a white table source
Design a small living room for your minimalist home source
A beautiful brown round table with a fabulous chandelier source
Cool living room design with wooden shelves source
Stunning wood wall design with black TV shelves source

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