23 Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas For Comfortable Relaxing Space

Farmhouse is one of the architectural design style concepts that can be applied to home design. The design concept of this room has been favored in recent years. The concept emphasizes the warm, natural and natural characteristics of the countryside. Curious as to what the concept is? Farmhouse design is usually characterized by the presence of wood accents in several corners of the room. This time we will discuss creating a relaxed and comfortable farmhouse style family room. The main key to the concept of a farmhouse style is calm and comfort. Farmhouse designs often come with furniture that accentuates natural elements, similar to the rustic design style, but if rustic comes with a truly natural look. Starting from the walls of the room, the use of plain white or other neutral colors can help highlight the natural color elements in the furniture of the room.

Furthermore, the floor can be made of wood floors using real wood or can also use ordinary ceramics that have a wood motif texture. Medium-sized carpet can be placed as a pedestal table and the motif chosen should be a thick motif with a farmhouse theme. For ceilings, the choice can be plain white or added wood effects. A more modern and comfortable touch can use a sofa which certainly has neutral colors as a support. Vintage casual style sofa with a plain pattern and a relatively neutral color aims to offset the texture and color of wood that is quite striking in this room. Then, complete with decorative wooden shelves or dark wall hangings. Don’t forget to give the final touch of plants in the room that adds to the warmth of the room!

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