22 Modern Wall Decor for Living Room and Bedroom

The beginning of the new year means changing the new atmosphere, including wall hangings in your home. Wall decoration is one of the most important factors for someone’s first impression when visiting your home. With the wall hangings will certainly make your home look more lively and comfortable. One concept of wall decoration that can be applied is a minimalist and modern concept, which certainly can create its own comfort for visitors or residents of the house. In addition to the living room, wall decoration can certainly be applied in the bedroom. The decoration of the sleep lamp can give a more modern and eye catching impression. Sleeping lights that have various forms in addition to illuminating the room can also be a minimalist but still attractive wall decoration.

Having a home interior design that is superbly designed and arranged in a modern and fantastic way is everyone’s dream. Intrigued by modern wall decoration models that can be applied to your living room and bedroom? Don’t worry about that! We have collected some of our best ideas for you. The following are inspiring modern wall decoration models and designs for your living room and bedroom that can inspire you in 2020. Hopefully the below information can help you find inspiration on wall decor, yes! Dig deep in this article below and find the one that may suit your personality and budget. Good luck!

Beautiful abstract painting ideas between flower pots and lights source
Nice living room design with attractive hanging shelves source
Beautiful round mirror with yellow sofa source
Leaf painting ideas in your guests’ room with a nice sofa source
Shelving ideas with interesting photographs and paintings source
Modern murals custom wallpaper ideas behind the living room source
An attractive, five-square hanging rack with flower pots in a corner source
Good sofa ideas with special abstract paintings source
Amazing black table with hanging shelves on the wall source
Attractive room design with beautiful paintings on the wall source
A cool photo idea with wooden ornaments on the sides source
Nice bedroom design with a unique chandelier source
Beautiful ornamental ideas on your bed source
A special wooden bed idea with a small lamp beside it source
The idea of ​​a chandelier between your beds is amazing source
Interesting bird painting ideas on your bed source
Modern bedroom design with two mirrors beside it source
Nice yellow light between abstract paintings source
Unique hanging pots and lighting ideas in your modern bedroom source
The idea of ​​extraordinary small lights with paintings on it source
Luxurious bedroom design with a symbol of love on it source
Fantastic bedroom design with beautiful pillows source

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