22 Easy And Inspiring Garden Stone Pathway Ideas

Having a garden in front of the house is an ideal residential concept that many people dream of. For insufficient land, people often create their own small parks using garden stones. Garden stone is one of the most popular materials for use in dry gardens, whether in the front, back or inside the house. Types of garden stones that are often used are natural stones and coral stones. With its diverse colors, this coral gives you the opportunity to paint with stone. An interesting arrangement of coral patterns will add to the attractiveness of your home’s facade. While natural stone is more widely applied to fences, walls, even bathrooms, or areas in the house. If you have a garden in front of the house, of course you need garden paths to pass, right? 

Sometimes people identify this path with a stepping stone, which is a stepping stone made of cement. Stepping stone that we can easily find in the form of coral brush in various sizes and shapes, for example oval, square, round, and heart. With certain expertise, you can arrange a garden stone for this path with beautiful patterns so that it can add to the beauty of the garden in front of your house. In addition to adding beauty to the front garden of the house, garden paths with coral will make the grass and plants well protected and not stepped on. Plus, when it rains, you don’t need to fear slipping because of the slippery grass. Actually there are no material restrictions to be used as a path.. But don’t forget to understand the shortcomings. If the wood is exposed to excessive water it will make it mossy and weathered!

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