24 Creative Ideas For Growing A Vegetable In Your Small Garden

Having your own garden at home will provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce expenses to buy a variety of vegetables and other kitchen needs that can be planted in home gardens. What if your house is narrow? No need to worry about that. Besides greening the house, so that the house is more beautiful, you don’t need to be fixated on the “standard” garden design in the yard. There are many creative ways to create beautiful vegetable gardens, including those for small yard owners. To be more beautiful, you can hang the planting media in a neat arrangement, or use artistic pots. If you use used items such as cans or bottles, you can decorate them with spray paint or acrylic.

Having a plant rack is also the right idea, a plant rack that has interesting characters to look elegant and modern can be created quickly if you have thoughts in making creativity related to a small garden plant rack. Besides the use of shelves, hanging vegetable gardens are a popular choice for owners of small yards. You can use used pots, cans or bottles as a planting medium. You can hang them on the wall or erect a special wooden board for this garden. However, remember that these pots will be heavy because of soil and water, so you have to make sure they are hung tightly. Below are interesting ideas that you can use to decorate your small garden!

The idea of ​​a garden with a used basket source
Small vegetable garden with used plastic bottles source
Design a nice vegetable garden with wooden pots source
The idea of ​​a vegetable garden with a former media pipe behind your house source
Amazing little garden ideas for your vines source
Vegetable garden design ideas behind the house are very interesting source
Nice vegetable pots hanging from simple wooden boards source
Simple wooden pot ideas for your inspiration source
Amazing wooden pot for your vegetable growing media source
Wooden hanging shelves with neat vegetable pots source
The idea of ​​a hanging rack with a cool plastic vegetable pot source
Design hanging vegetable rack with used tin pots source
Vegetable bed ideas by sticking to your privacy fence source
Unique vegetable pot board ideas with wood material source
Neat vegetable pots for your home garden small garden ideas source
The idea of ​​a vegetable rack with simple plastic bottles source
Design a nice vegetable garden with used plastic pots source
A stunning design of vegetable pots made from PVC pipes attached to the wall source
Plastic pipe ideas for beautiful vegetable growing media source
Interesting vegetable ideas with used plastic mineral water pots source
The idea of ​​hanging vegetables rack with plastic pipe pots source
Amazing wooden board design with amazing vegetable pots source
A small garden design that clings to the walls of your house that is amazing source
The idea of ​​hanging pots of vegetables with used mineral water bottles source

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