23 Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom On A Budget

What would you think about when planning to decorate a bathroom? Bathroom furniture, of course, is one of the most draining thoughts. Although not much is used, some furniture, such as storage, has a function that is not small in a bathroom. Each bathroom is a practical space, but at the same time, the bathroom is also a place to relax and regain strength after a long day. Thus, the smaller the size of the bathroom and the more functions it does; it will be increasingly difficult to manage it. Decorating a small bathroom, of course talking about things that are also small. And the question is how to use or utilize functionally every inch of a small bathroom?

Having a small bathroom interior design that is superbly designed and fantastically laid out is everyone’s dream. However, people often misunderstand by stating that interior design is a waste of money because a small bathroom does not really need an interior design that is too complicated. The fact is the opposite, you can always choose an inexpensive, simple, yet charming interior design idea without spending a lot of money and causing problems in your budget. To find answers on how to design a small bathroom functionally, we tried to put together some practical bathroom storage ideas. Apart from function, of course we must not forget the aesthetic factors, which are; the shape, model, and especially the appearance of the room or storage area must also be able to give aesthetic touch to the bathroom interior. Check out some of the following inspirations!

Good towel storage idea source
Simple wooden hanging shelves source
Nice bathroom with unique wooden shelves source
Storage rack attached to the cupboard door source
Amazing hanging cupboard in the bathroom source
Wooden storage design in the corner of the wall source
Wooden hanging rack ideas for storing towels source
Small bathroom with unique wooden shelves source
Good storage under the sink source
Simple key ring idea under the window source
Tissue storage in your bathroom source
A good tissue hanging rack in your bathroom source
The idea of ​​a hanging rack in the bathroom is amazing source
Beautiful flowers on a wooden hanging rack source
Amazing toiletries storage rack source
Hanging rack with a rope on it source
Mirror with a unique wooden frame source
Simple towel storage ideas source
Creative wooden tissue storage ideas source
The idea of a wooden shelf above the sink is amazing. source
Special shelf design for storing your toiletries. source
A simple shelf attached to your bathroom door. source
The idea of storing under a bathtub is amazing. source

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