35 Cool Side Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Side yards are probably one of the most neglected spaces in the house. People don’t really think about side yards since they’re usually hidden and narrow. But did you know that these spaces can actually be pretty cool if utilized right?  You can create a secret hideout, a hangout place, or even a pretty little garden for your pets to play at.

Whatever it is, what you want to do first before creating anything is to figure out its layout. The easiest way to do that is to make a landscaping map. What’s even cooler, since side yards are most likely small, you don’t need a big budget to start the landscaping. You can even do it yourself. Interested? Keep on reading and find out!

Here, we’ll show you some of the coolest side yard landscaping ideas you can do on your own. These ideas include utilizing your own materials and recycled stuff so you don’t have to worry about blowing through your budgets. We’ve collected and handpicked these ideas for you to enjoy and hopefully get inspired by. From making a small corner garden, to making a small pathway, to using the space for extra garden storage, you’ll see many ideas here. Of course, if you don’t feel like using any of our ideas, you can also come up with your own while mixing it with our ideas. It’s all up to you! Just create a space that works best for you and your home. Good luck and have fun when you get to it!

Beautiful flowers in the side yard source
Flowers with beautiful white pebbles source
Garden side yard with a nice path source
Natural rock trails in the side yard source
Unique lights in the side yard source
Green plants beside the road source
Side yard with privacy fence source
A great white gravel side yard idea source
Side yard with various types of plants source
Amazing white flowers source
An amazing side yard idea source
Red flowers in the side yard of your house source
Nice white seating source
A simple garden in a side yard source
Beautiful vines with black beds source
A good trellis in your side yard source
Landscaping costs: from pathways to plants source
Nice terrace in the side yard source
Beautiful plants between the roads source
Unique light ideas source
Charming flower pots in the side yard source
Unique wooden road source
Outstanding natural stone road design source
Small pots with nice gravel source
The stone road is elliptical source
The idea of a wooden road on the side yard source
Side obstacle with attractive interest source
Amazing purple flowers source
Side yard design with nice chair tables source
Beautiful garden design in the side yard source
Good road with beautiful grass source
Attractive green grass on the side yard source
Gravel road with flowers beside it source
A nice red flower next to a privacy fence source
Beautiful hanging pots source

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