35 Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Clever Storage

Do you have a small bedroom? Are you frustrated that you can’t store a lot of things in it? Well, that sounds like it’s time for you to upgrade your bedroom! When we say upgrade here, we don’t mean an extreme makeover that requires you to change its shapes, size, and everything else. Since your biggest concern is storage, then this article is going to talk about just that.  In this piece, we’re going to talk about minimalist bedroom decorating ideas with clever storage that you may copy. You can expect a lot of hidden and clever storage placements later on in the article. Who says a small and minimalist bedroom can’t be great? Because here we’re going to prove that even the smallest space can be awesome. So, stay tuned and keep on browsing through!

When it comes to storage, you want something that is big enough for a lot of things but not too much that it will get cluttered. As it’s always better to have a fully but neatly packed storage than a cluttered one. Most people think that small spaces are already small as they are so installing hidden and extra space is a big no. However, as the name implies, they are supposed to be hidden. So, if they’re just adding inconvenience to your room, they’re not the kind of storage you want in it. So, definitely go around and try to find ones that work with your room. Storage under your mattress, for examples. Why stick to a normal bed post when you can do so much more with it right? So, do browse through our collections to find out more clever ideas on small bedroom storage.

Minimalist bedroom with a bedside table|source

A closet rack between the beds |source

The idea of ​​a shelf full of lights|source

Storage shelf under the bed|source

Wardrobe in your bedroom|source

Small white table idea|source

Cabinet shelf above the bed|source

The idea of ​​a white shelf beside the bed |source

A bedroom with a bookshelf |source

Photo storage room above the bed |source

Shelf with round mirror |source

Nice black table|source

Shelf cabinets with white curtains |source

The idea of ​​a bookshelf beside the bed|source

Hanging rack above the bed|source

Hanging cupboard above your bed |source

Wooden table with white flowers|source

Wooden storage room beside the bed |source

White hanging rack |source

White cupboard beside the bed |source

A bedroom with an attractive wardrobe|source

The idea of ​​a wooden table between your beds|source

Small table with lights on it|source

Beautiful lights on the table|source

White shelf ideas in your bedroom |source

Wooden cabinets in the bedroom |source

A simple wooden table|source

The idea of ​​sleeping with a good storage space|source

Wooden wardrobe for storing your clothes|source

White hanging table|source

Pink shelf|source

Hanging rack ideas for storing books|source

The idea of ​​a shelf in a wall corner |source

Shelf cabinets next to your child’s bed|source

Storage space under your bed|source

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