35 Stunning Dorm Room Decorating Ideas For Girls

Some students who live far away from home certainly have one problem, namely residence. Maybe for those who have family in an overseas city can live in a family or relative’s home, but for some people choose to rent a boarding house or live in a dormitory provided by the campus. No wonder there are also some students who have friends who choose to live in a boarding house together with the cost of sharing or sharing the cost of housing and daily needs. The division of space is also a problem to get a comfortable privacy space for individuals. Don’t worry though, because there are a lot of ways to spice up your living arrangement. 

One of the best parts of moving to college is the opportunity to decorate your dorm to perfection and stunning. When we were first going to college, we were obsessed with planning out our dorm decor and spent hours searching Pinterest to find the perfect inspiration ideas that we could then go copy in our own dorm room.There are so many ideas that our head can quickly be spinning. Girly or boho? White bedding or patterned bedding? This post will show you stunning dorm room decorating ideas for girls that allow you to show off your personality but in a way that makes the dorm room look stunning and cozy. Enjoy your dorm room!

The idea of a beautiful white hostel|source

A place to study under your bed |source

The idea of a room with a small study area |source

Dormitory design with storage shelves under the bed |source

Bedroom design with unique lamps |source

Women’s dormitory room with white and pink pillows |source

The idea of photographs sticking to the wall in a woman’s dorm room |source

Window painting in the female dormitory’s room|source

Design a female dormitory room with wooden furniture |source

Minimalist female asama ideas with map images |source

Wooden hanging racks in the women’s dormitory |source

Small dorm room ideas for you to copy now |source

Dormitory design with shelves above the bed |source

The idea of a women’s hostel with beautiful pink curtains |source

The idea of a women’s hostel with a good TV |source

A stair bed in the women’s dormitory |source

Beautiful pillow on your bed |source

Bedroom ideas with beautiful photos and paintings|source

Beautiful hostel with lights above the bed |source

Bedroom ideas with pink bed linen for women|source

Beautiful bunk bed design for women |source

Nice painting in the female dormitory |source

Amazing photo ideas on the walls of your room |source

A unique female dormitory design with two lamps |source

Wardrobe ideas beside your dormitory |source

A nice rattan chair in your bedroom|source

Wooden study table ideas in your dorm room |source

Design a neat and clean female dormitory |source

Beautiful abstract painting on the bed |source

Design a female dormitory in gray |source

The idea of a dormitory with beautiful writings on the wall |source

Wooden floor design in a female dormitory room |source

The idea of a lamp on the wall under a good clock |source

The white table between the beds is amazing |source

The idea of a storage rack under the bed |source

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