35 Minimalist Bookshelf Decorating Ideas To Perfect Your Interior Design

Bookshelves have a lot of functions. It can be a small library. It can increase our reading interest. It can protect our book collections. It can help us to clean the books easily. It makes our books well organized. So, we can find any book we want to read.  It also can be an interior design for our room. Yes! We can decorate our room by using a bookshelf. We only have to choose the right bookshelf for our room. Choosing a suitable bookshelf depends on the use and the width of the room we have. If you have a large room, adding a bookshelf is quite easy. But how about a small and limited room? Do not worry. Minimalist bookshelf decorating ideas to perfect your interior design are your friends. Here are some examples of bookshelves which can inspire you to make your house more beautiful. 

 A bookshelf under the stairs can be one of your choices. This bookshelf can be used as book storage and your knicknacks. Just put a minimalis staired bookshelf on the wall, and boom! Your room looks nicer. This bookshelf is fascinating but can’t store a lot of books. If you want more space for your book, you can try an alphabetic bookshelf design. This bookshelf is quite large and unique. This kind of shelves consists of modular alphabetic boxes. The boxes will keep your books well. You can also create some words for making your room chic. If you like a rustic one, you can add a tree shaped bookshelf on your wall. This bookshelf brings you into nature. Organize the shelves as a tree on your wall. You can add the branches as you need. More books are more branches. Choose good woods to make the shelves. A natural colour of woods will make your room more rustic.

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