34 Cozy Modern Minimalist Ceiling Lights for Living Room

Nowadays, minimalist houses are becoming a trend because of the limited land to be built. That makes us think about how to maximize the use of the minimalist house. One of them is choosing the decoration of the house. Choosing the decoration for minimalist house is a challenge for some people. It is because of when we have a minimalist house, we have to decorate the house to fulfil our needs in our minimalist rooms. The minimalist house makes us careful to choose the furniture that suite in our house. One of them is how to choose cozy minimalist ceiling lights for the living room. Choosing a good lamp is not only seen from its shape, but also its function. A ceiling lamp must provide adequate lighting in the house. 

Light which is able to illuminate the entire house gives the impression of a more spacious room. To make the room feel roomy, there are some types of lights that can be adjusted to a minimalist home design. There are some lamps we can add in our minimalist living room. There are: hanging lamps or pendants lights, box ceiling led, and ceiling leds. Hanging lamps can decorate our room well. It has a festive shape with an average length hanging down is often installed in the living room. When you want to add these lights, the thing to note is that the ceiling height of the house must be at least more than 3 metres long. But if you want a little bit of simple lamps, you can put ceiling leds on your ceiling. Besides this ceiling led will light your room, you can also save your cost electricity cost.

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