35 Bohemian Style Bedroom Design Ideas

Do you feel bored with your daily routines? Get stressed with your work and many things around? Maybe decorating your ordinary own bedroom will be one of the most interesting activities on your next weekend. You can make your bedroom as comfortable as you want by redecorate it and make it as your relaxing place as it is. It also can make you feel fresh because of the new environment. Bohemian style bedroom design idea is one of nice designs you must try especially when your old room is a monochrome one. The bohemian which refers to a freedom, colorful, and much pattern, will make your room different. Bohemian style also can show who you are because there are no rules to make a bohemian style.  Don’t worry. You do not need to change all your furniture to make a bohemian style. 

Bohemian style is known for its geometric patterns. You can choose a big geometrics pattern for the carpet and put it on the floor near your bed. For the bed, you can put a bed linen with the plain and neutral color such as white , broken-white or cream. Then, you can put your bohemian blanket or bed cover on your bed. You can also add some geometric stickers on your white wall if needed. Add a bohemian curtain on your windows or your door. You can decide to put your bohemian curtain on your windows, then put the dream catcher to the door, or you can put the curtain on the door, then put the dream catcher on the windows. It is up to you. If you have some artificial plants, it can also make your room fresh as fresh as the bohemian style looks. 

The brown chair in the corner of the bohemian room|source

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