36 Cozy Kitchen Island Design Ideas For Your Dream House

Kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where we spend pleasant moments preparing food for the family or having the morning coffee. This is the favorite place for the family members and guests to get together. Kitchen arrangement is primarily based on functionality, but also an enjoyable cozy atmosphere. Many of us dream of a statement island at the centre of our kitchen, where everyone can gather during the day to cook, eat, socialise and even work. The kitchen island has become an essential feature. And it’s not hard to see why, given an island unit has lots to bring to a kitchen design. 

Looking for kitchen island ideas? We want to present you a few ideas for a kitchen you will not want to leave. For a start, it can provide extra prep space, and form a boundary between the cooking zone and the dining area. It can be long and slim, running parallel to the work area, neat and round in a compact room, or big and broad, housing a sink and appliances. There’s also a trend towards more textured materials like think raw or rough sawn wood, as well as a contrast of colour or finish between the island and the rest of the kitchen. And don’t forget kitchen island lighting, it can turn a good looking for a kitchen centrepiece.

Kitchen island design with white paint|source

Extraordinary kitchen island design with wooden table|source

A modern kitchen island that will impress you|source

A new kitchen island with a stove seating window|source

sign table island kitchen for your inspiration|source

Kitchen island with wooden floors |source

Kitchen island design with modern decoration and layout|source

Stylish stone kitchen island design|source

Smart kitchen filling stations and drawers for your inspiration |source

Amazing kitchen island design ideas |source

Beautiful kitchen design ideas that suits you|source

Extraordinary kitchen island design ideas with decorative lighting |source

Stunning space-saving small kitchen island design |source

Kitchen island bench with butcher blocks |source

Kitchen island with seating decoration built |source

Kitchen island ideas with beautiful lights |source

Kitchen island storage ideas |source

Fabulous kitchen island design with wooden floors|source

Awesome rustic kitchen island design ideas|source

Amazing kitchen island ideas |source

Modern kitchen island design ideas for your family’s passions dream house|source

The best kitchen island ideas that you will love |source

Elegant white kitchen design ideas for a modern home |source

The best and unique kitchen island ideas |source

Small kitchen island with seating |source

Ideas for kitchen island waterfall quartz counter-tops|source

Best kitchen island design ideas with custom butcher block counter-tops |source

Awesome kitchen island ideas for you to try |source

Extraordinary kitchen island design ideas with white tables |source

Stunning, beautiful kitchen design with a luxurious appearance|source

Amazing kitchen island design ideas for your dream house|source

Kitchen island design with abstract paintings |source

Amazing kitchen island ideas with a stove|source

Trendy kitchen island with DIY window seating |source

Outstanding rural kitchen island design ideas |source

You can find lots of ideas about cozy kitchen island in internet and don’t be afraid to be creative as you wish to create a cozy and welcoming kitchen island where everyone will want to gather. Hope you get inspired!

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