35 Creative DIY Furniture Hacks Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Having unique furniture, cool, with a modern appearance, would be the desire of every homeowner. But what if our house has limited space? do not worry about it, with the use of the right furniture, the house will feel more comfortable and leave a broad impression for anyone who comes and visits. furniture with multiple functions can be a good choice for you. In addition to saving space it can also change functions at different times, according to your wishes. Folding furniture is also very practical for creating space in small spaces. If possible to have it, you directly have free space in the middle and can optimize the maximum available square meters.

Don’t have enough space to have a closet in your small room? No problem. Enjoy the space under the bed to put a drawer, basket or box. in a limited space, the space under the bed is the perfect source for adding practical and attractive storage solutions. For those of you who are adventurous and have different designs, you can take the ideas in the previous picture one step further. This you can do by lifting your bed higher so that every square meter of your room is very optimal and enjoyable when used. Well, that’s some furniture hack idea that will maximize your space that you can steal the idea. There’s so much you can do with your furniture, right? The key is creativity and imagination. So what kind of unique furniture do you like?

Amazing storage in dresser | source

DIY bookshelves around the window | source

Over the door organization storage shelves | source

Round storage rack | source

DIY ironing-a-way board wall | source

Hidden shoe storage | source

Old table with bookshelf | source

Bookshelf in above door | source

DIY drawer in the cupboard | source

DIY stair with drawer | source

Bookshelf under stairs | source

DIY wood stairs with drawer | source

DIY Storage basket behind the door | source

DIY circle wooden storage | source

Sliding kitchen table | source

DIY glass storage | source

Shoe storage rack | source

DIY table with storage | source

Beds with storage | source

Beautiful work space | source

DIY storage basket on the wall | source

DIY bookshelf from bread box | source

Hidden dresser table | source

Storage under bed | source

Storage stair for small space | source

DIY basket on kitchen cabinet | source

DIY recording storage | source

Creative storage under bed | source

Shoe cabinet with 2 drawer | source

DIY Table from pallet | source

Niche side table | source

DIY corner book storage | source

Bathroom tissue box | source

DIY detergent storage in laundry room | source

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