35 Brilliant Ideas Bathroom Storage Organization Under Sink

Having a small and cramped bathroom can be annoying, especially if you have so many things laying around. Cluttered bathroom will not only make you stressed, but it will also make the process of getting ready even longer. Since you’ll have to find where everything is, your bathroom time is just not going to be efficient. Sure, decluttering works but how long would that last? On average, your bathroom gets messy again after a few days. So, while decluttering is a good option, it’s clearly not for busy people. So, what’s the solution you may ask? Well, adding extra storage might be your best bet. It will keep your stuff neatly kept in the storage and you get to have clutter free bathroom.

One of the best places for extra storage in a bathroom is under the sink. Since this spot is usually only used for extra tissue storage, it’s the perfect spot for your toiletries to go on. All you need to do is just install a wooden box that can be slided in and out easily. If you’re also into it, you can also make dividers out of wooden planks just to keep everything even neater. You can also add hanging storage behind the cabinet’s door for more storage. Just make sure they’re tightly taped to the door and won’t fall off when you open it. If you’re not sure what to do, browse through our collections and hopefully you’ll get inspired in no time!

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